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Historic and nature trails

Trail I: Las Minas

The trip in this trail starts in a hiking path lined with oaks, pines and arbutus, to reach the ¨Los pozos de Sauz¨, where women from the community used to wash their clothes.

The tour proceeds to the architecture of mining vestiges known as "The Mine", which you can enter deeper inside with a guide on a 150-meter underground tour or you can choose to descend to the River Tierra Caliente.

Estimated Time: 4 hours.
Hiking / Horseback riding/ Cycling

Trail II: Ex Hacienda Cinco Señores

El recorrido de esta ruta inicia en la cercanía del Río del Socorro hasta un antiguo puente que cruza las tranquilas aguas y que te guiará hasta el casco de la ex hacienda Cinco Señores, donde podrás conocer los vestigios de esta hacienda minera, como sus enormes acueductos, gruesos muros y el reflejo de la grandeza de esta antigua casa.

El paseo continúa, bordeando el río hasta llegar al casco de la ex hacienda minera El Socorro, donde existe aún un bello puente que conduce a las ruinas de una comunidad ya desaparecida, y es posible contemplar los restos del templo y el cementerio.

Duración: 4 horas.
Caminata/ Cabalgata/ Ciclismo

Trail III: Río Santa Ana

To live the natural experience of the trails you must descend by the Prehispanic Camino Real path, where a variety of oaks, wild maguey, pirúes and Tobalá are abundant.

At the end of the descent, you will meet the remains of the Ex- Hacienda Santa Ana and the fields of alfalfa, squash and beans, continuing your hike up to the Santa Ana River and the area known as "Los Chapoteaderos".

Estimated time: 3 hours.
Hiking/ Horseback Riding

Historical and cultural trails

Ruta IV: The origin of the Pueblos Mancomunados

Through this route you can take a trip to the past, to learn from where came the first settlers that settled in Yugachi, Amatlán Zapotec name, discover the codices that mark the limits of the territory of Pueblos Mancomunados , same that were hidden by our ancestors as a result of the struggles and the instability of the time of the revolution to be rediscovered until 1925.

Duration: 1-1:30 hours.

Community a community trails

Camino Real


This tour can be started in the community of Amatlán or in Latuvi, it is part of a wider Pre-Hispanic route that was believed that joined the Zapotec communities from the Central Valleys with the Gulf of Mexico, along the route, traces of the original stone road can be distinguished in excellent conservation condition, we will walk part of the trail close to a river , you will cross a canyon and you will be able to see the vegetation, marvelous example of biodiversity in the Sierra Norte (bromelias, trees with moss and figures carved by nature in rocks).

If you start the tour in the village of Amatlán you require good physical fitness as it is done rising from 2,000 to 2,400 meters above sea level.

Duration: 4-5 hrs.
Hike/ Horseback ride



This trail can be made starting with the community of Amatlán or in Llano Grande, it is ideal for people with hiking experiences or that are searching for new challenges. This trail goes through the territory of Pueblos Mancomunados; the change in elevation, vegetation and climate in some part is difficult and it is long so it requires good physical condition.

If you start the tour in the community of Amatlán. be aware that you will ascend from 2,000 meters to the 3100 meters of altitude.

Estimated Time: 7 hrs.



This is where the river ends and it is located in Santana river in a Ex-Mining Hacienda. There are palapas, bathrooms and open areas for team activities. In addition, barbecue service is offered.

Recommended for families and groups.
Estimated Time: varies