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Dear traveler;
Thank you for being a sustainable traveler. In our ecotouristic centers we are working to conserve our environment and we invite you to be part of our efforts through some of the following actions:

  • Contribute with the environmental education program: How? Very easy, you can make donations in different ways, for example: teaching materials, videos, games, books, magazines, notebooks to draw or color, all of them related to proper environment learning.

  • Participate in our reforestation and cleaning trails program: At the moment of planning your trip ask for our cleaning trails and reforestation programs, with luck your visit will also be with a programed activity and you could be part of it! If this cannot be, ask how you can donate trees for the nearest reforestation area.

  • Publications in electronic devises or printed about our conservation efforts: Invite your family and friends to contribute to our causes, sharing with them the experience of traveling, but also spreading the good conservation labors that we do and how to be a sustainable traveler. You can share the information through the social media, travel agencies or Green pages.

  • Participate in our monitoring and surveillance programs: Ask in the modules about information of each center for the monitoring programs and the way in which you can participate.

  • Participate in good environmental practices: During your stay, separate adequately the waste that you might generate and if it is possible, participate in our environmental education workshops. Also you can contribute with a power point presentation or a Prezi in which you can share with us how are the environmental problems are solved in your community, state or country.

We believe that with your help, we will maintain our destinies really clean and so the Sierra Norte will keep on looking Green

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