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Trail I: Cañón del Coyote

The tour of this trail begins by visiting the "Ojito de Agua", where the water comes through the cracks of a high cliff and continues up to the Coyote Canyon, where you will meet the amazing Coyote Caves and where you will enjoy the splendid mountain landscapes from the Serrano viewpoints.

Estimated 3 hours.

Trail II: Xi - Nudaa (Piedra Resbalosa)

Meet the ancient Zapotec legend of the XI-NUDAA viewpoint, considered by the ancestors as a sacred place, situated at 3,100 m.a.s.l. Here you will enjoy the majestic view of the pine and oak forests of the Sierra Juarez.

Estimated 7 hours.

Hiking Trail III: Piedra Colorada

The journey through this tour starts moving at the beginning of a huge rock formation known as Piedra Colorada, then continues to walk along a path that goes up in the middle of oaks trees, pines and maguey plants.

Once you reach the top you will be able to see a rock shaped as a penacho head and as you are descending you will find rustic ancient terraces where the Zapotecs made their offerings as well as the remains of an ancient sundial and a natural viewpoint which offers an exceptional view of our beautiful landscapes.

Estimated 3 hours.

Trail IV : Llano del Fraile

Delve into this tour and learn the legend that gave name to this beautiful place "La Cueva del Fraile", walk to the bank of a stream for 3 miles until we get to the Parque Tarajes, while enjoying the view of dense pine and oak forests that surround us.

Estimated 6 hours.


Llano de Tarajeas

This trail is recommended for everyone and it is ideal to practice cycling and live great sensations, if you wish, the guide will explain you some topics in relation to the local ecosystems and medicinal plants.

Estimated Time: from 3 to 5 hours.
Hiking/ Biking/ horseback riding

Yaa - Cuetzi

Combine the height of this amazing viewpoint and the adrenaline of experimenting the adventure of getting into the 1000 meter long zip-line.




This tour can be start from the community of Benito Juarez or from Cuajimoloyas; along the way you'll get a panoramic view of the Central Valley, continuing through the villagers´ plots up to the viewpoint Piedra Larga, where you can see most of the territory of the Sierra Norte. This tour is ideal to learn about the different plant species that exist in the highlands of the Sierra Norte.

Estimated time: 3:30 hrs.
Hiking/ horseback Riding



You can start the hike in this route in the community of Llano Grande or in Cuajimoloyas. Through this trail, hike to the top of Pueblos Mancomunados. It doesn´t have big altitude changes and besides you will go through pine forests, characteristic of high elevations of the Sierra. You will observe a great diversity of medicinal plants and regional wildlife such as rabbits, squirrels, foxes, finches and woodpeckers.

Estimated time: 3 hours walk.
>Hiking / Biking

Loma de Cucharilla

(Route 7)

Cuajimoloyas – Latuvi

This trail gets you into the woods where you will enjoy the scent of nature, walk among the pine-oak trees and in the rainy season be witness of nature´s magic when you discover the cloud forest. You will visit the La Cucharilla lookout that counts with a spectacular view of the community of Latuvi, and continue up until the trout hatchery known as "Cara de Leon".

To make this route, it is recommended to have a good fitness condition and start form the community of Cuajimoloyas to descend to Latuvi on a six hours hike.

Estimated Time: 6 hours.