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¿Who are we?

The Sierra Norte of Oaxaca is a stunning natural area, considered by the World Wildlife Fund as a unique destination in the world for its biologic richness.

Expediciones Sierra Norte, Pueblos Mancomunados is a community organization that integrates the first hiking and mountain biking trails designed to show visitors the most relevant aspects of this important natural site. Local communities are involved in every development stage of the project, the Board of Directors of our organization is integrated by members of the community and all proposals and action plans coming from the council are submitted for approval to the Board of Elders (also known as "Caracterizados") and the Community Assemblies , always following the traditional customs of the community.

Our History:

The ecotourism project was conceived as a regional development model, starting with two communal properties (Pueblos Mancomunados and Ixtlan de Juarez) same that has been adopted by more communal organizations of the Sierra Norte.

In Pueblos Mancomunados the touristic activity had its beginnings in 1994 in the community of Benito Juarez, achieving the extension of the benefits of the touristic activity to other members of the Mancomun in 1998, with the participation of the of the native people of the community denominated comuneros, the local government, together with the support received from the Canadian Embassy and the Commission for Environmental Cooperation. In that year a network of more than 100 kilometers got integrated by marked trails that connected all the communities from Pueblos Mancomunados, this was then that the communitarian Enterprise Expediciones Sierra Norte opened the promotion and direct sales office in the city of Oaxaca that its managed and operated by members of the community.

Since then we have continued working, professionalizing our services and creating travel experiences with everyone that visit us, without forgetting our culture preservation and our natural resources, which are the ones that give life to the project.




We think that the ecotourism project is of great importance to establish protected communal areas to ensure the natural heritage of the communities in a long term period.

That is why Expediciones Sierra Norte is created under four fundamental objectives: