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Trail I: El Manantial

This tour has a very special meaning for the people of Latuvi; it shows us how they have organized themselves to make agriculture and fruit growing its most important source of income. They use their natural resources for jam production as a craft with fruits harvested in the community.

Along this route, you can practice agro-tourism by the Manantial, accompanied by the warm hospitality of the villagers.

Estimated time: 2 hours.
Hiking / Mountain Biking / Horseback Riding

Trail II: El Molcajete waterfall

Your journey in this route you will be able to appreciate the extensive areas designated for regional agriculture, visit the trout farm ¨Cara de Leon¨ and continue on a small path in the forest to the waterfall El Molcajete, where you will observe unique hole perforation made in the rocks, which have been made by water erosions over thousands of years.

Estimated Time: From 3-5 hours.
Hiking / Horseback Riding

Trail III: El Manzanal

The route El Manzanal begins in Llano de Martha and continues until the river Las Guacamayas where you will find a trout hatchery El Manzanal for sport fishing.

In this tour you must be accompanied by a community guide who will tell mythical stories of the place, as well as the flora and fauna that lives there. During the journey you will see the corn, peas, beans, peach and apple farms.

Duration: 5 hours.
Hike / Horseback ride

Route IV: Piedra del Corredor

You begin this tour with a bus trip down the community to start in the place Las Canteras, continuing to walk along a path naturally decorated with buds of bromeliads, cacti and white moss, followed by “Piedra del Corredor”, natural viewpoint to the river El Arco, whose crystal waters pass under an ancient bridge beautifully preserved.

Duration: From 5-6 hours.
Hike/ Horseback riding / Mountain Biking


Cipriano Cabrera


This tour can be start in the community of The Nevería or Latuvi , along the quiet path we will appreciate the biodiversity and climate change in the Sierra Norte, from the cool pine forests of La Nevería to the oak forests of lower altitudes in Latuvi.

During your tour you will enjoy pleasant views at the top of the path, to reach the river Las Guacamayas and appreciate the waterfall cascades of 6 meters high (in rainy season).

Duration: 4 hours.
Hiking/ Mountain biking

Camino Real


This tour can be start in Amatlán or in Latuvi community, is part of a wider pre-Hispanic route believed Zapotec towns joined the Central Valleys with the Gulf of Mexico, along the route can see traces of the original stone road, in excellent condition, we will walk part of the way to the river, you cross a canyon and you can see the example of the wonderful vegetation biodiversity in the Sierra Norte (bromeliads, trees with moss and figures carved in rock by nature).

To start the tour in the village of Amatlán you will require good physical fitness as it is done rising from 2,000 to 2,400 meters.

Duration: 4-5 hours.
Hike / Horseback ride