Phone: 01 (951) 51 4 82 71
01 (951) 51 4 36 31

From abroad: + 52 01 (951) 51 4 82 71
+ 52 01 (951) 51 4 36 31



  • Cabins:

    As you get to our community you can stay at our comfortable cabins located at the center of the community, with and excellent view to the different barrios of the community surrounded by forest areas (the private cabins and shared ones have chimney and bathroom with hot water).

    In this area you will find hammocks to relax before going to sleep.

  • Accommodation in Family houses:

    If you are interested in knowing more about the lifestyle of our community, ask for accommodation in family houses.

  • Camping zones:

    If you want more adventure and want to stay outdoors, we have different camping zones in which you can stay (bring your own tent or you can rent it with us).

  • Community dining rooms:

    To get the taste of traditional food, in the community you will find dinning rooms, but if you prefer to eat a trout we invite you to visit the hatcheries Cara de Leon or the El Manzanal (where you could also try and fish your own trout).

  • Traditional Medicine:

    If you are looking to relax with our traditional medicine, try our Temazcal (steaming bath with a massage and a limpia), as well as you can have a talk with community members about herbal remedies.

  • Local guides for different activities:

    For your security and to enrich your trip, we have community guides that will take you trough each one of the tours mentioned earlier.

  • Sustainable Projects:

    If you are searching to live a community experience, ask to participate in our community projects, like fieldwork, gathering fruit (only in harvest seasons), homemade ham workshops, traditional bread or visit Mrs. Julia to make some Tepache, a ¨ Millenary Drink¨.