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Trail I: La sepultura el peñasco

Through a hiking tour from approximately 4 hours with a distance of 13 kilometers, indulge in a mixed forest of variant vegetation in the highest area of the Sierra, where you can appreciate the different species of flora, well as wild animal that live in the place, the singing of the birds and which will find the panoramic views looking at the lush hills in the staggering viewpoints showing the natural wealth that amazed and take you to enjoy.

Estimated time 4 hours.

Trail II: El Amanecer

This trail is highly recommended for early risers, because this tour should be starting around 4:30 in the morning to enjoy the wonderful and amazing rudis pine landscapes. Recognized by the experts as one of the most beautiful of the world.

This trail is an ideal option to meditate

Estimated time 3 hours.

Trail III: Waterfall El Pinovete

Venture on a walk through a village in the pine and oak forest, enjoying the unique forest aroma until getting up to the El Pinovete, a 30 meter waterfall that will relax your senses with the sound of water and the chirping of finches.

(the waterfall only in rainy season)

Estimated time 3 hours.
Hiking / Cycling

Trail IV: Llano de Berro

This tour will take you to a valley surrounded with pines, where you could be able to do different activities with your family and enjoy a barbecue or camp in the spring.

Estimated time 2:30 hours.


Trail 4: Ka-Yezzi-Daa-Vii

Llano Grande- Amatlán

This cycling route requires a good physical condition and experience. This is a 28 kilometer long trail, surrounded by high elevation forests passing through much of the territory of the Pueblos Mancomunados. You will descend from a community that is located 3,200 m.a.s.l to reach Amatlán community that is located at 2,000 m.a.s.l

Estimated time 4:30 hours.
Mountain Biking

Trail Los Miradores (Single Track)

This tour contains a mixture of roads that will end on a single track where you will experience extreme cycling, where also if you want you could pass by ramps and bridges to feel the adrenaline pumping up, the route takes you into the woods with some panoramic views from where there are different types of biodiversity that exist in the high mountains of the Sierra Norte.


Distance: 22-28 kilometers, depending on the mileage you want to go, maximum altitude 3,330 meters above sea level, Minimum altitude 3050 m.a.s.l, 30% wide road, 70% single track, 20% uphill, 60% downhill, 20% wavy. Estimated time to intermediate levels is from 4 and a half hours to 5 hrs. With stops at different viewpoints, to take pictures, average speed 8.7 km / h, maximum speed 30.8 km / h.

* For this tour it is recommended to bring full equipment and have a good mountain bike.




Tour the high mountains of the Pueblos Mancomunados through this path, it does not have large altitude changes and you will travel trough pine forests, observe great diversity of medicinal flowers and regional wildlife such as rabbits, squirrels, foxes, finches and woodpeckers.

You can start this route in the community of Cuajimoloyas or Llano Grande community.

Duration: 3 hours.
Hiking /Mountain biking



This tour can start in the community of Llano Grande or Amatlán, is ideal for people looking for new challenges, as this trail crosses the territory of the People Mancomunados. The change in elevation, vegetation and climate is pronounced and because its length requires good physical condition.

Duration: 7 hours.