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Trail I : Historic Route

This trail starts by a tour trough the community and continues to the reforestation area, where you would be able to see young pines from different species.

The tour continues on to our two natural viewpoints located in 3,200 meters above sea level, where it is possible to contemplate the incomparable view of La Neveria and its neighboring communities.

To end the trip, you will be descending from the viewpoints, enjoying the pine, oak, ash, madroño and Oyamel trees vegetation, until reaching the vestiges of the defenses that the community of the region established on the revolution period known as Las Trincheras.

Estimated Time 3 hours.
Hiking/Horseback Riding

Trail II : Fields and the Waterfall

Your tour in this trail starts with a visit to the waterfall Los Arroyos, with a height of about 5 meters. On the trail it is possible to observe the vegetable field crops such as beans, peas, mustard, corn, beans, calla lilies, gladiolas, daisies, geraniums, apple and hawthorn.

Estimated Time 3 hours.
Hiking/ Mountain biking / Horseback Riding

Trail III: Loma del Ocote

The tour in this trail starts with a wonderful view to a waterfall formed by the river Los Tejones, that continues up to a bromeliads greenhouse with a long path lined with pines, oaks and madroño trees framed by the song of larks, finches and mockingbirds.

You will get to know the reforested area Loma de Ocote and our two natural viewpoints. Surprise your senses with a visit to the old trenches that date from the revolutionary period.

Estimated Time 4 hours.
Horseback Riding/ Hiking and Mountain biking

Trail IV: Medicinal Plants Trail

The tour on this trail will make you have a better understanding of the strong relationship that exist between plants and the local population. The trail is designed to meet the different medicinal plant species that can be found in the community and learn the use that it is given to them.

Estimated Time 2 hours.



(Trail I)

This tour can be done starting at the community of Benito Juarez or from La Neveria, throughout a large rural path used by the local farmers to get to their labor fields.

During the trail, you can be able to enjoy the incomparable beauty of the forests of the Sierra Norte and get to know the flora and fauna diversity that exists within them, besides finding unforgettable landscapes.

Estimated Time 4 hours.
Hiking/Horseback riding

Cipriano Cabrera

(Trail II)

This trail can be started in the community of La Neveria or in the community of Latuvi; along a large and calm path you can appreciate the biodiversity and the change in the climate of the Sierra Norte, from the cold pine forests of la Neveria to the oak forests of lower altitude in Latuvi.

During the tour you will also enjoy beautiful landscapes in the upper part of the paths, once getting to the Las Guacamayas river, you will be able to appreciate the 6 meter high waterfalls (Only in rainy seasons).

Estimated Time 4 hours.
Hiking/ Mountain Byking

La Nevería - La Cumbre

(Trail 9)

This tour passes by a hike done trough a fresh and dense forest, along 3 hours, in which you can get to know beautiful landscapes, wonderful views, and a great variety of flora and fauna form the Sierra Norte.

Estimated Time 3 hours.