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From abroad: + 52 01 (951) 51 4 82 71
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  • Cabins:

    Enjoy the lodging in our comfortable cabins either private or shared (they include a fireplace and a bathroom with hot water).

  • Accommodation in Family houses:

    If you are interested in knowing more about the lifestyle of our community, you may stay in a family’s home.

  • Camping zones:

    If you are more adventurous and want to stay outdoors, we have different camping zones in which you can stay (bring your own tent or you can rent it with us).

  • Community restaurant:

    In the cabin area you can find a community restaurant to get the taste of traditional dishes of the region, where most of them are prepared with organic products. Do not forget to ask for the watercress dish.

  • Events/conference hall:

    If your trip is for business purposes (meetings, workshops or any celebration) we offer you our events hall with a capacity of 100 people (equipped with a projector, projector screen, chairs, tables and a kitchen).

  • Zip line and air skill games:

    If you are looking for some adventure, do not forget to get into the 200 meter zip-line and visit our area of air skill games.

  • Local guides for different activities:

    For your security and to enrich your trip, we have community guides that will take you trough each one of the tours mentioned earlier.

  • Educational and Sustainability routes:

    If your visit is aimed to learn more about nature, we recommend to take the trail of “Productive Projects”, were you will get to know the development model of our community, having as a main topic the "Environmental and economic protection for sustainable development".

  • Voluntary work:

    In our communities you can get to do voluntary work in the greenhouses.

  • Workshops:

    We also offer gastronomy workshops based on organic products and the elaboration of the traditional tortillas.